Sunday, 4 September 2011

Times are a Changing

Or at least the Scottish Tories will be, if Murdo Fraser gets his way and replaces Auntie Annabel.
Promises to make changes and "breakaway" from Uncle David.

Aye, right!

Meanwhile, the Lib Dems go from bad to worse as a recent poll shows them lagging even further behind. They poll less than the Conservatives, and Willie Rennie's net rating is -14%! Even interest rates aren't that low. In fact, Rennie has scored even less than Tavish Scott.

The words "Light", "Brigade", and "Charge" spring to mind.......

Elsewhere in the world, Libya looks set to have a full change of government. However, Colonel Gadaffi vows to fight to the end according to his latest broadcast - live from Venezuela. Craig Levine might feel like joining him after yesterday's result.......

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