Monday, 12 September 2011

The Big Yin

No, not Alex Salmond, but the one and only Billy Connolly.

If rumours be true, then he is the Man to save the Union. All a bit strange, since I cannot recall him having any particular preference when it comes to political allegiances. In fact, if you watch his material he sums up politicians in words that would certainly not be heard in church.

But it may be apt that this titan of stand up comedy is appropriated by the unionist parties:

Welly boots - since Labour are up to their necks in it. (The Lib Dems would be better choosing the Beatles, for the song "Yellow Submarine", since they are under it).

He likes to swear a lot (you may have noticed), and no doubt Labour were doing so early in May.

And of course as a comedian he will feel very comfortable in the company of others.


The SNP are in a bit of a dilemma here, since one of Billy's big pals is none other than Sir Sean Connery himself. They don't want to upset the Big Man now, do they?

And no doubt the Fundmentalist Wing of the Alex Salmond Appreciation Society will want nothing to do with Mr Connolly, and have his work  banned and blacklisted (unless written in politically acceptable Gaelic or Scots, certainly not English). Beards will be banned as will jobbies and welllies.

Get right intae him!!!!

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