Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Not that excellent song, but what some of the more sensitive bloggers out here in cyber politics are.

In Prime Minister's Questions.  (PMQs to the political geeks), SNP MP Angus MacNeil raised a question and got laughed at. Cue outrage and paranoia in equal quantities! The implication was that the Prime Minister was calling 7 out of 10 Scots "stupid".

Plenty of metaphorical fist-waving and gnashing of teeth by the Faithful. Angus himself was heard to say "I was astonished that the Prime Minister laughed at the hopes and aspirations of seven out of ten Scots."

I too was a bit annoyed by this apparent mockery by Cameron and most of the other MPs in the House of Commons.

Then I watched the question on YouTube. I watched it several times. I've watched it again as I wrote this.

Angus MacNeil's hard-hitting killer question was:

"A poll last week showed that 68% of Scots want oil revenues devolved to Scotland. Does the Prime Minister agree with 68% of Scots or does he not?"

To which Cameron replied:

"If you ask a stupid question you get a stupid answer."

Now, how the hell can you suggest that the PM was implying that 68% of Scots are stupid?

MacNeil's question was stupid, or more accurately very, very badly worded. Perhaps if he had asked about the Prime Minister's views on devolving oil revenues to Scotland, he would perhaps have had a better answer.

I'm not surprised Cameron and Co laughed.

But to the Fundamentalist Wing, it means WAR!!

But is anyone up here really listening?

(By the way, you only have to look at FMQs up here in Holyrood to see that the Almighty Alex receives the same sort of anal questions by Labour and responds with similar aforementioned mockery.)

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