Thursday, 29 September 2011

History and Other Ramblings

Well, the Scottish Government want to ensure that a new subject - Scottish Studies - is now rolled out to the schools. It won't be compulsory, and it will tell the truth. After all, everyone knows that Alex Salmond defeated the English at the Battle of Holyrood, carrying a big pointy stick and shouting "Freeeeeeeedom!!!!!" to fire the blood of the troops.

And of course, they want to put Gaelic signs up everywhere, and apparently want Radio 4 replaced by a Gaelic station. Not that will make any difference, since they will probably get the same number of listeners, albeit those who understand a different language.

History is a very important subject. You have to remember things. Judging by Ed Milliband's spectacular faux pas during a radio interview, he probably achieved a D minus for history, since he failed to to remember one of the Scottish Labour Party leadership candidate's name. Saying that, about 95% of Scotland did worse, since they can't remember ANY of them.

Meanwhile, in sport, Celtic followed the great Scottish tradition of not winning, by conceding a penalty which resulted in a draw with Udinese. But they have a cunning plan: they intend to complain about Aletico Madrid and Udinese fielding ineligible players hoping they too will be booted out. However, complaining that the players are ineligible simply because they scored against Celtic may affect the result of the investigations. Watch this space.

Staying with football, Rangers have plans (again) to move to the English Premier League. Anything to escape the taxman so it seems.

Alex Salmond has backed proposals on universities sharing resources, which is not a bad plan at all. Perhaps they can take turns at looking after the student protesters who like university so much these days, that they take over the buildings for several days.

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