Thursday, 1 September 2011

Football Finances

Someone once said there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes.

Or in Rangers FC's case, fines and taxes. Thumped with a £2.8 million pound demand plus 50% fine they are a trifle upset.

Apparently the bailiffs, sorry sheriff officers, popped round for a chat, but big Ally kicked their foot out of the door and said  the owner wasn't in. (Rumour has it he was after some double Glazing, courtesy of Manchester United FC). Speaking of which, with a profit in excess of £100 million, it's a wonder the Glazers haven't bought the SPL as a sort of big boys Subutteo set.

The BBC Sports page is a touch pessimistic as well, with articles under all the SPL teams having the title "SPL clubs facing financial strife". Either there is a lot of truth in the matter, or the website editor buggered up his copy and paste commands.

Never mind, things can only get better..........

The Euro Lottery jackpot will probably hit £100 million this Friday.

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