Friday, 9 September 2011

Madness?...... This is......IRN BRU!!!!!

Well, it seems that Europe has declared war on Scotland, with stories in the press that Irn Bru may have to change!

If there is one thing to upset a Scotsman (or woman), it is the thought that the most important elixir in the universe is under threat.

Don't these Eurocrats realise that we have a bunch of nuclear missile in our back yard? Alex Salmond might forget his principles for a few minutes and turn Brussels into vapour.

Even Westminster dare not tamper with the Holiest of Holies - support for independence would hit 99% (the 1% is the leaf-eating, tree hugging jogging brigade who live off lentils and recycled cardboard, or as it is better known, meat-free lasagne).

Stuff the policies Alex. Champion Irn Bru and you cannot lose!

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