Monday, 26 September 2011


Patriotism is the catchword at the moment. At least, so it appears judging by the comments by the leadership candidates for the Labour and Conservative Parties in Scotland.

""Scottish and British", cries one.

Another points out that he is a Scottish patriot and enjoy the best of both worlds. Going further, he describes himself as  "Devolutionist". Which sounds like he is a believer in one of the more abstract religions that arises from the consumption of chemical substances not normally available in the high street.

But they are playing catchup, and in my view they are chasing after the wrong bus.

Patriotism is absolutely fine, and especially when we suffer the torture of our national football (and rugby it seems) teams snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Nothing stirs the blood than the Tartan Army singing their heart  out as yet another slaughter commences.

Alex Salmond appears as a Conanesque figure in comparison to the other political figures in Scotland. Although swinging anything bigger than a chopping knife might result in a cricked back. And we most certainly do not want to see him in a loincloth.

Conan was asked what is best in life. If Salmond was asked the same question, I think his answer would be on  the lines of:

"Economic prosperity, a strong education system and a health service to be proud of".

That is where his opponents should be focusing their efforts, not patriotic bullshit, something the SNP realised a long time ago will not win elections on it's own.

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