Saturday, 17 September 2011

Lib Dem Conference

Yes, it's the highlight of the year as the Lib Dems from all over the UK descend on Nick Clegg's head, or should that be Birmingham?

The Scottish MSPs have no problem getting there as they will be sharing a taxi.

Apparently the SNP have urged a Lib Dem revolt, to ensure that the coalition in Westminster adopts a "Plan MacB". Sounds like a hamburger to me.

SNP MSP Joe Fitzpatrick (who he?) is in full flow, pointing out that the demand to increase pension contributions is dangerous at a time when consumer confidence is shaky. Fair point, and perhaps he could ask a certain enobled  contributor to SNP funds what he intends to do with his share of an £88million pound profit, one that has been achieved partly because of a lack of regulation. Meanwhile, fares continue to rise.

But back to the wonder that is the Liberal Democrats. They got slaughtered in the recent council elections in England. They got slaughtered in the Scottish Parliamentary elections. And they face slaughter at the Scottish council elections next year.

Nick is promising to use his "veto" if the 50pc tax rate is abolished. Veto? Is this the United Nations? This conference promises to be lively, and the way things are going, Nick might not be in a position to use his veto.  The Lib Dems may start a game of "Simon Says".........

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