Friday, 20 January 2012

Trumped Again?

Donald Trump is back in the news, with his demand that unless the Scottish Government stops an offshore wind farm being constructed - in view of his golf resort - he will pull out and stop all construction of the hotel and housing.

This puts the First Minister in a bit of a dilemma.

If he gives in to Trump's demands, then his opponents will raise questions about Salmond's "green" credentials, being a strong advocate of renewable energy. On the other hand, if he ignores Trump, and the golf resort is cancelled, then his opponents will blame him for losing an opportunity for jobs and tourism.

It is of little consequence to previous criticism, politics being what they are will ensure a negative reaction is forthcoming.

Perhaps Trump is playing mind games, and as one critic pointed out, is simply looking for an excuse to cancel the whole project.

This story hasn't really generated much interest, perhaps apart from the local area, but there is a danger that it could grow. Whether it causes the Scottish Government any real problems is yet to be seen.

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