Monday, 16 January 2012

Mature Politics?

You couldn't make it up. Just as Joan McAlpine (ex-journalist) decides to engage mouth before brain, Tom Harris (ex-journalist, there's a pattern emerging) decides to try out his new video editing software.

Both actions have been taken out of context, of that there is no argument, despite rantings from either side of the fence, but both actions were taken by supposedly intelligent people, and both actions were wrong.

The spoof video is an old one, and has been well used. But it is not something, as an experienced politician, one should even consider using, and especially at the present time when the political pantomime has just started. (You know, "Oh yes we are, oh no you're not!").

The Referendum is a deadly serious issue, where people are to be asked to determine the future fate of Scotland. This is not the time for stupid name-calling or videos that my son could drum up in ten minutes (if anyone else wants a spoof video, let me know).

All the last week has done is help to lower the Scottish Parliament to the "wee pretendy" so loved of the critics.

So after one week, in the Shoot-Yourself-In-The-Foot Competition, the result of the first match is

SNP 1 - 1 Labour

Perhaps well political leaders will think again about selecting journalists.......

And the media reporting on both issues is open to question as well.


  1. I just can't work out Tom Harris at all. Surely he was well aware the kind of furore a video like that would cause?

    A prominent Scottish blogger suggested that he did it to engineer his dismissal from his post as Labour's new media adviser.

    Seems a ridiculous suggestion, but there's surely more to this than a mere misjudgement on Harris's part.

    He's the expert on these things yet he shoots himself in the foot big style.

    It looks more than mere misjudgement, but precisely what he was up to is anyone's guess. In my opinion!!

  2. It is interesting to notice that there are still rumbles about the two of them. Frankly, it would be best to leave things as they are.

    I doubt Harris engineered his own dismissal, but I thought it hilarious that he was the "Internet specialist"!