Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ramblings on the Last Day of the Holidays

Well it is for me, even if my kids don't return to school until Monday. Damn, I was looking forward to "testing" my son's new XBox (I am not going to attempt hotscotch no matter what the Scottish Government says).

Having had fun with technical issues on my new hard disk (never, ever buy an OEM PC if you intend to upgrade it at some point in the future), I finally resolved the problems yesterday morning. As is the norm, the solution was blindingly simple - download a simple file and install. Technical advice from "professionals" had me staring at trepidation at dozens of lines of complicated code. Learning ancient Greek is probably simpler. (Politicians take note - try something simple for once).

As I had to reload and reinstall everything again, this left me time on my hands. I have a substantial DVD collection (some people think I'm obsessed; my wife doesn't need convicing) so I managed to get through a number of films, ranging from Machete (not exactly family viewing but bloody good fun) to Toy Story 2.

I also spent time reaquainting myself with the various blogs, and even resorted to posting on one of them after a deliberate absence. I felt they were missing the required cynicism. I may even finally convince them I'm not really an undercover Labour unionist member of the Lib Dems.

But enough ramblings for now. Normal service will resume once the head is finally clear.

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