Monday, 30 January 2012

North Korea Anyone?

Just as Alex gets the momentum going, some sly bugger has decided to not only let Tommy Sheridan out of his cage, but stopped the little game of "tag 'n' gag". They've let him speak.

A good few words by Tommy, and then he comes out with what could be an immortal phrase:

".... to deliver Scotland, not just as an independent country, but as an independent socialist country as well." (my italics). His version of socialism makes North Korea look like the planet Thatcher.

We all know Tommy's policies - tax the hell out of the rich and bump the minimum wage to.....wait for it.....£7 per hour.

Big Eck just yesterday talked about a "living wage" of.........£7.20 per hour.

The unionists will like this one. Just wait for the comparisons, some old (ie Dear Leader), and probably some new.

Question is, will Alex take Tommy on board as a fellow campaigner? Sheridan is an unknown quantity here. Most people don't like his policies, as proven by election results. But he is a strong orator and an independence supporter, so may attract those who would not normally give him the time of day.

Chances are that the SNP will ignore Sheridan, probably due to the ongoing spat with News International. Advisors from The Sun the SNP will have told Alex to keep clear.

Tomorrow's headlines in the Sun will tell us all we need to know.


  1. Well yesterday's online version was headlined:

    "The lying pucker - Shamed Tommy Sheridan is freed"

    Which presumably says it all?

    But I suspect you're bang on - the Unionists will have been rubbing their hands in glee when they heard Tommy spouting about independence in Monday's 'speech'.

    But isn't his policy for a minimum wage a lot higher than £7 per hour, which seems relatively modest since it's currently around £6/

    I thought his aim was at least a tenner, and perhaps more like double the NMW, but I can't really be bothered looking it up!!

  2. I have little time for Sheridan to be perfectly honest, but the truth is that he does have an impact on politics. I suspect his minimum wage demands are a lot higher than Salmond's to be honest.

    As to what happens next, if he goes on and overturns his conviction - much probably depends on the fate of Andy Coulson - then the unionists will have more cause to celebrate. But the SNP must be praying that Tommy falls into his own mouth.....

  3. To be fair, at least the SSP were "4 real" in their attempts to keep alive the socialist flame - you can't really claim that Labour stand for re-distribution of wealth anymore.

    Like Stuart, i suspect the Westminster parties will have been breathing a sigh of relief at Sheridan's speech - stacks of it about being set up. Make no mistake, had he somehow managed to draw a line over the past 6 years Sheridan the political force would have been back. Instead, with all of his talk about being betrayed, he seems intent on staying a busted flush.