Monday, 2 January 2012


Happy New Year to all.

2012 has plenty in store; some good and plenty bad.

The economy will be the main focus of attention, with job losses expected, especially from the retail sector. No doubt our esteemed politicians in Holyrood, Westminster and Brussels will make the usual promises. The more cynical of us will treat that with the disdain it deserves.

The main focus in Scotland will be the Council elections in May. The SNP is expected to make some major gains, as they are still the party of choice in Scotland.

The Olympics are this year - well whoopee do. What was originally an amateur event is now the commercial centre of attention every four years. Several billion pounds has been spent on what is effectively two weeks of running, jumping and throwing, with zero benefit to most of the population.

I do like watching athletics, but the immoral levels of funding are a disgrace. We have children in poverty in this country, yet egotistic, patronising and arrogant individuals such as Seb Coe tell us it is good for us.

Europe? Well, let's say the Mayan prediction of the end of the world is more appropriate to the Euro.

2012 is also the start of Creative Scotland's cultural project. Link is below and worth a read.

Creative Scotland

Closer to home on the blog front, I'm going to try and post regular topics over a wider range of topics, not all political. Politics does at times get monotonous, so I'm aiming to break things up a bit.

I'd recommend the casual reader to try and visit as many blogs as possible. They all have their own presentation style, and it shows that you do not need to rely on the established media companies for information and entertainment.

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