Thursday, 12 January 2012


With all the flak flying around with the Referendum, a news story caught my eye today; one that has a message to all politicians.

The story is tragic, with an elderly woman dying due to an accident during surgery. What is important is that the hospital and the surgeon were open and honest about the incident, and the woman's family accepted this, noting that they appreciated the surgeon's honesty.

Rather than trying to save their own backsides, the hospital and surgeon were not only honest, but ensured that lessons learned were communicated worldwide.

Politics could do with such honesty. Too many politicians seem hellbent on protecting their own careers, rather showing a bit if honesty and making their constituents, Parliament and country the priority.

There are numerous examples of this, too many to start listing here and I do not intend to resurrect old stories.

The Referendum debate has taken off, and the language is already getting hostile (at least in public), with the media joining in and the truth taking a backseat where convenient.

Politicians on all sides of the debate need to remember that independence is not a general election to decide who will govern for the next five years - this is to ask the public whether they want a fundamental change to the future of Scotland.

The debate will get dirtier, with accusations flying around. Both sides will start making mistakes  - or as they call them; errors of judgement.

Honesty is the best policy. People respect honesty, and in politics it can be surprisingly effective.

The Referendum demands it.

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  1. Trust and truth are together in the dictionary but politics is a long way off.

    You're bang on with your post.