Saturday, 21 January 2012

Scotland's Defence Force

An independent Scotland will have one army base, one air base and one naval base. Sounds like the start of a board game.

There are a few individuals out there who say "oh, who is going to attack Scotland?". Well, possessing a substantial percentage of Europe's fossil fuels makes Scotland a potential target in the future. After all, when the Great War ended, there was going to be peace. And the same after World War 2.

The truth is, no one knows what lies ahead in the future. Defence planning is strategic, and that means long term. In twenty years time there be a threat  caused by oil shortages. State sponsored terrorism may decide to attack the oil and gas installations.

The SNP's defence policy sounds like an afterthought. The only firm commitment from the SNP has been to remove Trident. A policy that should be congratulated, but when asked about the Scottish Defence Force.........erm, a few ships, planes and soldiers. Oh, and perhaps a tank or two. What did Alex do? Ask Keith Brown over lunch?

On paper, three bases perhaps sounds fine, even if it makes an attack by a potential enemy rather easy. Dispersal is a key defence strategy.

The big question is where is all this equipment coming from? The SG will argue that it would negotiate with Westminster, but what if Cameron doesn't want to play and keeps his toys in the box? Perhaps an agreement to pay Westminster to provide defence? Oh that will go down well.

We don't need aircraft carriers, but we do need aircraft, ships and submarines. A few tanks and other armoured vehicles will be necessary. These items are rather expensive, and not something you can order from Amazon and get a next day delivery.

There is a bit of a spat between Holyrood and Westminster, and you can tell the SNP are being defensive (no pun intended), since Angus Robertson has resorted to slagging off George Robertson. Perhaps he should have kept on topic, since Westminster isn't blogland, and George actually knows quite a lot about Defence, even if he did blow the Holyrood voting system.

Defence is not a minor issue to be swept under the carpet. It is as important as Health, the Economy and Justice. Being independent means Scotland must be self-sufficient and competent in all areas, not just those which won the SNP power.


  1. Logically better to be part of the uk with a real defence force then...

  2. No. But at present the SNP's Defence policy appears shallow. Yet Defence is an important area. Sticking to the "no nukes and no foreign wars" isn't enough. I don't find the SNP convincing at present. But I'm going to post a more substantial article in the near future.