Saturday, 19 November 2011

Referendum Options

Every since the SNP's victory in May, the media and Internet blogs have been rife with opinions as to how many options will be in the Referendum. Even the Big Man himself has not been clear on this.

We've had "expert" opinion. "Reliably informed" opinion. "A guy down the pub" opinion. There have been numerous comments from all sides with the Blood Pressure Level ranging from comatose to "We're on our way, Houston!"

The unionists are convinced there should be only two options. Or was that three? Perhaps four?

The nationalists think there should be one question with an option of Yes or Yes. Or is that two options? No sorry, it's three options but the unionists have to come up with a bloody good reason for three, unless of course Alex decides three is a good number in which case it will be a sound tactical move.

The truth is simpler.

Alex Salmond will decide on how many options are on the Referendum paper at the last possible moment. Why? Because he and his team will be paying very close attention to the polls, and one hopes listening to the people as they carry out the Doorstep Challenge.

People can rant and rave all they like, and the media can speculate until my lottery numbers come up, but Alex Salmond will choose the option that gives the SNP the best chance. And if that means allowing an option for DevoMax (or whatever they want to call it) then so be it.

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