Friday, 25 November 2011

CBI Questions on Independence

CBI Scotland's Director, Iain McMillan has aimed some questions at the SNP, with the predictable response from nationalists that he is "talking Scotland down". He does have a record of attacking the SNP, but this time he might score some points.

The questions mainly focus on currency, and that is a deliberate ploy, since the Euro is not in the best of health, nor does it seem very popular. Facts aside, the general voting public see lots of countries who use the Euro all falling over. Because the SNP are sticking to the "wait until after independence, then we'll have an referendum on the Euro" argument, they are allowing their opponents to take the initiative.

I keep returning to the subject of Europe, because it is a weak spot for the SNP, and they are not dealing with it. The currency approach by the CBI is a tactical move and it will have an effect, and it is no coincidence that it comes just after Swinney's spat with Osbourne.

The SNP need to respond to such questions in a manner that can be understood by the average voter. They need to get away from "White Papers" and "talking Scotland down". Weak responses that only seem to find favour in the most committed of nationalists.

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