Saturday, 5 November 2011

Leadership Woes

Ruth Davidson has been appointed leader of the Scottish Conservatives, not that it will really make any difference to the party's fortunes in Scotland in the short term.

I cannot see the Scottish electorate warming to Ruth Davidson. She comes across as a Cameron clone, and her background makes easy pickings in a debate, given her total lack of political experience. I think she got more votes because the party members got a bit huffy about that upstart Fraser.

No matter how articulate she is in a debate, you can bet Salmond will be slapping her down at the first opportunity. If she can hold her ground against him, then she might shut up the doubters in her own ranks. Failure to be effective will result in a coup. The Tories are rather vicious when it comes to toppling leaders.

And Murdo will be first in line when that happens.......


  1. Not sure Davidson is an exact Cambot clone. Strangely enough given her (ahem) unorthadox background, I think that she's more of a young fogey than anything else. Whatever she is, for the Tories its not so much Turkeys voting for Christmas rather Dodo's voting for extinction.

  2. " can bet Salmond will be *slapping her down* at the first opportunity."

    To get one back for Dr Whiteford's "doing"?!?