Sunday, 13 November 2011

Convincing Argument Mark II

This time it is the turn of the Lib Dems.

A bit easier to deal with, since the only argument they need to worry about in convincing people to vote for them.

Following a high point under Charles Kennedy, they have descenced into the pits of despair. Losing deposits in elections now seems the norm for them, and there appears to be no way out of their current situation. From what seemed a powerful position holding the balance of power, it is now clear that this is a poisoned chalice.

Next year's council elections may not be that bad for them, since personalities, rather than party politics, can have a major influence in the results. But come the next Scottish and Westminster elections, they may be headed for politicial oblivion.

But they could have a recovery plan, at least in Scotland. I'm tempted to put money on the Lib Dems siding with the SNP when it comes to the Referendum. But not led by Nick Clegg, but rather a true breakaway party. Murdo Fraser of the Conservatives has already tried without success, but the Lib Dems are a funny bunch. Whoever takes the plunge might be able to take the party rank and file with him. That would certainly kill Nick Clegg's leadership stone dead, and create a huge political storm. It could even destabilise the Westminster coalition.

But........ would the voters be convinced enough to trust the Lib Dems once more?

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