Sunday, 1 April 2012

Taking Independence for Granted

George Galloway's victory in Bradford may have been a one-off, but it did show that the main parties in England, are going through troubled times.

Then we have the issue of Labour councillors resigning in Scotland, and not in any small quantity. This has put the party into a bit of disarray, and just before the council elections in May. However, many of these resignations are down to deselections, and while some may argue that it is down to sour grapes, there is a fair chance that the Labour vote could split.

Add into that the certainty that the SNP will make gains in the election, things look bad for the unionist parties.

But the SNP are fighting these council elections on their abilty to govern - not independence. As with the Parliamentary elections last year, independence is not a subject for elections it seems.

It is a fair assumption that the SNP will take control of several councils, with Glasgow and Edinburgh being the main prizes, especially Glasgow. Taking the city will send shockwaves round Labour in Scotland, but to be frank, it is about time for a change.

So, the SNP have a majority in government, and a majority of councils under their control. That does not mean all the voters want independence, just as you cannot assume that they all want to remain within the Union.

The SNP slaughtered their opponents last May, and they might just do the same again in a few weeks.

But the polls still do not give an overwhelming desire for independence. Alex Salmond tops the polls for best leader by a long stretch, but still the "Yes" for independence hovers around 40%. That is with the SNP peaking in popularity.

Positive arguments are given for independence, opponents are attacked, and the SNP are one big happy party, at least in public. The Conservatives and Lib Dems can't deal with a crisis, or to be more accurate, are able to generate one out of thin air. Milliband's leadership qualities are so poor he would be hard pressed to get a starving person to follow him to a pantry, whereas to have dinner with Cameron would stretch most peoples credit cards. No one really knows what Clegg actually does and Danny Alexander looks like a shell-shocked schoolboy. The SNP have Salmond, a hugely powerful political figure.

The SNP have all the advantages, yet still cannot appear to convince enough people to want independence.

Something is missing, and until it is found, no one should take independence for granted.

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  1. I actually think that the SNP will suffer losses as well as make gains in the Council Elections. My own council Renfrewshire could revert to being a Labour run/part run council as the SNP/Lib Dem council have made bad and frankly strange decisions in the past 5 years. It's a good job that the council leader for 4 of those years isn't being hailed as a rising star of the SNP... Errr...