Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hiding Bad News?

Slightly late in posting this due to some unforseen circumstances at home.

The story has emerged that Doosan have decided against building a factory in Renfrewshire, coming to light at a conference in Denmark on Wednesday.

The company cited economic problems in Europe as the reason.

All well and good, despite the disappointment. But it turns out that the company informed the Scottish Government in December about their decision, yet ministers did not say a word about this.


Alex Salmond's excuse is disappointingly lame for him, stating that it is not up to him to announce company news. He's keen enough to announce investment plans, so why did he keep quiet?

Perhaps it is because Doosan views Europe as an economic basket case. Can't have that, given the SNP's desire to be at the heart of Europe. Messes up the Referendum Campaign a bit.

A good Government should be able to present bad news as well as good. Any criticism from the opposition soon dies out, whereas burying bad news or in this case withholding it simply feeds the story. It can also make voters suspicious. If a Government isn't telling us about this, what else are they hiding?

The SNP did promise open government. They have to live up to this promise.

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