Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Sun Ain't Shining Anymore

"I met with Alex Salmond's adviser today.

He will call Hunt whenever we need him to."

That email has caused a bit of a ruckus in Holyrood, and is dragging the First Minister into the morass that Jeremy Hunt finds himself.

Now, Salmond has denied any involvement whatsoever with NewsCorp's plan to takeover BSkyB, and James Murdoch has said that it had nothing to do with Salmond after favourable coverage in papers such as the Sun.

But given the revelations about NewsCorp, and the multiple visits with Salmond, those denials will look hollow to some. Murdoch is right about one thing - politicans will do anything to get media coverage, and the SNP are no exception. In fact, given the hostility shown to the SNP by many sectors of the medua, they were likely to be desperate for any positive coverage.

But Murdoch's empire is only interested in one thing - itself. Rupert Murdoch does not give a damn about any political party unless he can profit from them. Look at the history - Conservatives, Labour, Conservatives, SNP.

An independent Scotland is fertile ground for NewsCorp, especially if - as promised - corporation tax will be substantially lower than elsewhere. Try bumping it up and NewsCorp and Sky will be off. Call centres can be set up practically anywhere in the world - ask Virgin Media.

The SNP is right to seek positive media coverage, but choosing NewsCorp is riddled with danger. And the current revelations from the Levenson Enquiry have just opened up a crack - one that could develop rapidly into a chasm.

The SNP is still dealing with the Bill Walker issue. The last thing they needed was this.

Jeremy Hunt might be toast by the end of the week.

Alex Salmond might get his fingers burned as well.

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  1. Excellent summation. It's surely instructive that Alex Salmond wouldn't appear on Newsnicht, nor would anyone else from the Scottish Government nor indeed the SNP as a party.