Saturday, 17 March 2012

SNP Party Political Broadcast

First of all, watch all 2 minutes and 42 seconds of cringe positive message. (Link opens in a new window)

SNP Broadcast

The whole thing is simply cheese. If that is going to be the SNP's theme, heaven help us all. The whole thing reminded me of Balamory, with it's smiley, happy people and brightly coloured doors - not to mention the super-sweety Miss Hoolie-esque. And let's not forget the DFS-like sofa - trust me, you cannot miss it.

I've tortured shown a few people the clip, and they all agree it is, erm, not very good. One person pointed out it is making things out to be an ideal world, and that is probably the most telling comment of the lot.

There is no relevance to the real world. This Balamory-esque film short is on the planet Cybernat. Everything is perfect, but only if you vote in the correct manner.

And Miss Hoolielookalike reminded us, in the appropriate Primary One Teacher fashion:

Remember - 1,2 3, SNP!    (I thought the music was bad!)

Apparently, judging from one comment elsewhere, the audience at the SNP conference "loved it". But then, there are those who would love it if the First Minister sacrificed a goat at midnight.

I'm being really nasty, but that broadcast is simply bloody awful. Where is the attack on the other parties? Where is the attack on inefficient Labour controlled councils? Does anyone seriously think that this broadcast will have them voting for SNP in droves in Easterhouse?

And there is one part of the broadcast that is rather concerning. It is difficult to miss, but it is most definitely there:

Play close attention around the 25 second mark, with the paperboy. He puts a paper through a door, then hands another to a workman. Any guesses as to what paper it is?

The Sun.

That little plug speaks volumes about the relationship between Murdoch and the SNP.

I'm surprised Miss Hoolielookalike didn't hop onto a Stagecoach bus at the end.


  1. Bang on the money - of course, these things are generally pretty cringeworthy, but glad to see that others seem to agree that this one is particularly so. Even the NNS commenters don't seem to like it!

    Of course, they're clearly trying to do the positivity thing, but they've taken it so far that it's turned into self-parody or whatever.

    Not so sure about The Sun though, you have to look damn hard to see it!

    Surprised not much in the way of ethnic diversity either (unless the paintwork counts!), only really a token appearance towards the end.

    Surprised that 'Alex Salmond for First Minister' hasn't made it onto the ballot paper as well!!

  2. Incidentally, this video seems a bit clearer that the one in your link:

  3. I think I buggered up my English a little. I meant it is HARD to spot, not to miss!