Friday, 30 March 2012

Crisis? What (fuel) crisis?

The Westminster's handling of (supposed) fuel crisis can only be described as shambolic, and even that is being generous.

It is clear that there was little, if any coordination at Cabinet level. We've been told to store up petrol, top up our tanks and Keep Calm and Carry On, no doubt while stuffing your face with a hot pastie.

The fuel crisis was not caused by the Unite, but by the Government itself. Panic buying set in, not helped by a complete lack of common sense amongst the driving population.

However, the most unforgiveable "advice" came from Francis Maude. He suggested people could store fuel in jerrycans at home, despite the obvious danger in doing so, not to mention the fact it is illegal to store more than a certain volume.

For that grossly irresponsible statement, Francis Maude should either resign or be sacked. Demands for ministerial resignations tend to be overused, but in this case it is justified.

What is of deeper concern is that the Prime Minister appears incapable of dealing with a serious crisis, preferring to play political hardball, when he knew what the public reaction was last time around, and boy did this backfire (no pun intended).

Milliband is little better, and now we have a situation where politicians are trying to defend their respective parties and blame their opponents.

The public are frankly getting sick of this political bullshit, and it might be one reason why George Galloway has resurfaced in Westminster, following his spectacular victory.

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