Thursday, 1 December 2011

Thursday Night Snippets (ok ramblings)

Bit of a mixed bag since I've had the cold all week, been stuck in Excel-land and have a job interview tomorrow for an internal post.

Rangers have admitted that Craig Whyte was previously disqualified as a director. That must have upset the Anti-BBC Brigade (Scotland Branch) who after much wailing and gnashing of teeth about the BBC investigation into Rangers, have gone decidedly quiet. But Jeremy Clarkson rides to the rescue as he opens his mouth once more with some rather ill-thought phrases. Even by his standards they were total bollocks.

The pandas are on their way, and no doubt the black eye jokes will spring up. After May next year they may have some company as councillors across Scotland receive the political equivalent of a smack to the face. The Chinese are lending the pandas to Scotland, but it seems that there is a fee attached. In excess of one million pounds per annum if rumours are to be believed. That might take some explaining, but apparently the pandas will be suitably attired in traditional highland dress to attract the tourists.

The Big Strike went ahead. David Cameron said it was a "damp squib". Let's be fair, it was pissing it down on Wednesday. The Lib Dems Graduate Trainee Tea Fund Assistant, Danny Alexander, threatened all sorts of unseemly action, but no paid attention as he had to be in bed by 9pm.

Meryl Streep has received positive reviews for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher. Some unkind soul referred to it as A Nightmare on Downing Street 2. The Fundmantalist Wing of the Alex Salmond Appreciation Society has declared any one watching it to be a heretic as Thatcher was Scotland's most bitterest enemy (Edward Longshanks and the BBC notwithstanding).

Enough Nurofen induced ramblings.......time to watch a dvd........

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