Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Europe (again)

Nope, not an attack on the SNP's policy but rather David Cameron.

The Tory party is once again split over Europe, and I don't blame them. Germany and France are doing a "deal" which will only benefit themselves. David is telling us all that no more powers will be conceded to Brussels, but does anyone really believe him?

It appears that the EU is demanding something from the UK in return for not being sidelined. The Eurosceptics smell a rat however, and so do I.

David Cameron has rejected the idea of a referendum because: " the government could not "reasonably" have a referendum if the new arrangements were confined to the 17 eurozone countries only."

On other words, it appears he is going to sign up a deal but the voters can get lost.

The UK's membership of Europe should be strictly limited to trade and nothing else. But  politicians think they know better, and us scumbags do not have the intelligence to make such weighty decisions.

My view is that Cameron is trying to sneak a deal with Europe in order to save his own economic policies which are failing. I cannot see any other reason as to why he is acting in the way he is and being so defensive.

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