Sunday, 11 December 2011

BBC Bias?

Quick one for a Sunday morning.

I've commented in the past that some people get a little bit paranoid about how the BBC reports the news, especially political stories. True, there is some bias and misreporting at times, but generally it is not as bad as some would make out.

However, this morning, the BBC is reporting about a "split" between Nick Clegg and David Cameron over the decision by the latter to veto the proposed treaty.

Where this "news" came from is anyone's guess, but someone is definitely trying to stir things up. One problem for the BBC is that most people are probably in favour of Cameron's stance, and then Clegg is now going to be asked about this "split".

Labour does influence the BBC, and usually it is fairly subtle. But this is a blatant attempt to force a split in the coalition.

I support Cameron's decision. The EU desperately needs funding. China isn't going to provide it, so lo and behold, the EU would like to tax the backside out of the financial sector in the UK in order to support a failed currency and economic policy.

The Lib Dems have no mandate to be in power at Westminster. However, we live in a democracy and have to accept this. What we cannot accept is a deliberate attempt to destabilise the government by a publicly funded media organisation.


  1. Hmmm... Cameron & Clegg's split isn't "breaking news", their difference of opinion is just a fact of life. You will probably find that Clegg has been "lobbied" by members of his own party.

    I think there was no way that Cameron was going to sign the treaty as it came out. Where Cameron failed was with standing up for the party that caused the problem - the unregulated banks and City... ah... spivs. Then again in the same way that the Unions influence the goings on in Labour, is it really a surprise that the Cambot would stand up for his paymasters in the City.

    Remember, the Tories fell short at the last election too - thanks to UKIP.

  2. I've just watched Clegg on telly - that's what I get for posting stuff too early!

    I agree with what you say. But it is also clear that France and Germany want to tax the city to get income to prop up the Eurozone countries, and that is unacceptable.

    Not a single politician in Europe and the UK seems capabe of dealing with the Euro problems. The dergulation covers all of Europe, and even Salmond was in favour lax regulation. He even wote to Sir Fred offering support!

    Clegg is now at the mercy of both his parties and the Tories. But Cameron cannot risk an election, nor can Clegg or even Milliband. No party is capable of securing a majority.

    Perhaps the SNP should stand in England as well!!