Friday, 10 February 2012

In Defence of the Big Yin....and others

There's been a bit of a flurry in the media and blogland - some good and bad - about Billy Connolly recently. The good bit is that he is going to be in the Hobbit (yay!, I'm a LOTR geek).

The bad was a bit of criticism about his shows finishing early, which I'll not go into, but there has been a fair bit of what I think is unwarranted and unfair attacks in certain blogs. It is a touch concerning, since not only is the Big Yin the target, but the implication is that others will suffer a similar fate. In fact, some have already comitted a cardinal sin - in the view of the Fundamentalist Wing on the Alex Salmond Appreciation Society.

Billy's crime is that he does not support independence. As a result, the numerous comments I've read recently imply that he is past it, uses old and unfunny material, is a capitalist, a snob, part of the system and so on. In short, he is a heretic when it comes to Scottish nationalism.

Purile and childish.

"I used to find him funny, but now......."

I'll bet that person would have been right up the Big Yin's arse if he had supported independence.

It is not only Billy Connolly who has become the target for some nationalists:

Andy Murray
Chris Hoy
Michelle Mone

To name but a few.

There has even been a comment referring to those who criticise independence:

"We will remember who they are......."

One hopes that did not come from an SNP member.

The SNP has risen through hard work by politicians and party workers alike, aided by an impotent Labour party (the Tories don't count). All that could be undone by the very people who support the party through their venomous intolerance.

Wonder how they are going to deal with Donald Trump.......

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  1. Hmmm, must have missed the critisisms of our two best sportsmen who got where they are by... er... leaving Scotland.