Saturday, 18 February 2012

Fitba, Politics, Money, Music and the Media

Bit of a barren week, due to work commitments, family issues and, erm, online gaming (Men really are only boys at heart......)

It has been one helluva  week. Where do we start?

Well, Whitney Houston died. Millions of fans were devastated, as were the media, who accidently published articles showing her out of her face the night before. Technical issues according to an inside source. The papers really meant to say how demure and delightful she was looking. If I was totally shitfaced I'd probably look the same. And Sony suffered another technical hitch - sorry, administrative error - as the price of Whitney's music inexplicably doubled in price. Sheer coincidence of course.

The Big News in Scotland was Rangers running out of money, with the affable Mr Whyte being run out of town by the looks of things. His statement in front of the Hallowed Ground with the media and supporters present should have been an easy task for the high-flying businessman. However, he soon discovered that Glasgow is a bear pit with such matters. He obviously didn't pay any attention to John Smeaton's comments. Such is the urgency of the situation, that the Sports Minster (whosherface) was metaphorically despatched to see what could be done. Even Big Eck voiced his opinions, and immediately became as popular with Celtic fans as Mr Whyte is with the Govan faithful. Obviously he didn't learn his lesson from the rugby. Stick to politics Alex. To make matters worse, Kilmarnock stuffed Rangers one-nil to the delight of many, especially the bookies. Can Motherwell get third place?

David Cameron turned up bearing gifts. Did anyone notice? Thought not.

And the News of the World is back the Sun on Sunday will be launched soon. No doubt Mr Murdoch knows that everyone will forget about the NOTW, and will know that any relation between the Sun and the NOTW is purely coincidental.

So, an exciting week, even if my article is a bit abbreviated. Having a stinking head cold makes concentrating on anything except plotless action DVDs rather difficult.

Hopefully something more concrete this week. But anything will be more substantial than Ranger's bank balance.......

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