Saturday, 12 May 2012

This Week

Well, yet another exciting week.

The local elections were held in Scotland, England and Wales, with some exciting results.
The SNP failed to take Glasgow (blaming Westminster cuts); Labour survived; the Tories clung on and Nick Clegg went into hiding. Puir wee Gail failed to win a seat. No big swings this time (ooer missus). A ballot box with uncounted votes was uncovered, causing an immediate reaction from the Fundamentalist Wing of the Alex Salmond Appreciation Society that the entire election process had been fixed. Their evidence was in the BBC's reporting of the elections results, eloquently described by one well-known blogger as "shite". (There is currently an argument as to who was first with this out. Thought I'd mention this to keep things stirred up!)

In London, Boris achieved something no one thought possible - forcing Ken Livingston's retirement. Ed Milliband expressed absolute f*****g joy sadness and regret that a Labour dinosaur stalwart had decided to leave the political arena.

Staying with London, the latest weapon has been unveiled - a sonic cannon. The official line is it will be used for announcements to the crowds, with the ability to control them if they start some trouble. Rumour has it that it is fact to be used to shut Seb Coe up.

Ms Brookes appeared at the Levenson Enquiry, displaying some better memory recall than her former employer. Dave and Becky exchanged texts with "LOL". Allegedly Dave thought it stood for "Lots of Love" rather than "Laugh out Loud". So much for the PM being down with it.

The saga over Rangers future continues unabated. There is more chance of a Greek coalition government being formed than a buyer finally coughing up some cash. Given that the Blue Knights failed yet again, it is ironic that the preferred bid is being led by someone called Green.

And finally, Prince Charles presented the weather on BBC Scotland this. But stay calm people, it was not some unionist monarchist conspiracy to keep us serfs in line. Perhaps some work experience for the future?

I'll see myself out.........


  1. Gosh, if I wasn't such a doom and gloom merchant these days then I think I'd find that quite funny BotN ;0)

    And now I know that Ken has retired and that Gail had stood in the council elections.

    Shows how much attention I pay!!

  2. Maybe you should get out some more, I know I need to :p