Wednesday, 16 May 2012

This Week (Yet Again)

Apologies for the lack of content, but domestic issues have to take priority at the moment. Nothing too serious but health of others has to come before blogging.

So, unfortunately it's back to a quick scan of the latest news with a feeble attempt at satire........

Top of the agenda, both the Home Secretary and the Health Secretary have had what could be described as challenging conference appearances with the Police and Nurses respectively. Both seem to be keen on receiving the Prime Minister's blessing in the form of "My Full Confidence", a the immortal words that herald the start of a new career.

Not content with taking over Scotland, Alex Salmond has invaded the USA, appearing on a chat show, with his interview filmed in Abroath (cue the "Cringe"). Members of the Fundamentalist Wing of the Alex Salmond Society are practically creaming themselves with this one. Perhaps he has plans to join his big pal Sean and rule in absentia. After all, he is omnipresent.

The Queen of Spain has cancelled a visit to the UK, blaming issues over Gibraltar fishing rights. The problem appears to be a sort of hybrid mix of Argentina and Iceland, in this case the UK has both the land and the fish. Considering the Spanish steal our fish it serves them bloody right.

The SFA have rejected Rangers appeal against their fine and transfer embargo. Good luck in the Third Division.

A female prison officer has been jailed for harbouring an escaped prisoner. I don't think the jury was ever going to accept that she was hanging on to him until help arrived. Either that or it was an interesting game of hide 'n seek.

And finally (to much relief), an SNP councillor once sacked as Provost has been reinstated into the post. One little known fact is that she is a belly dancer.

There's hope for Alex yet.......

(relative normality should resume this weekend........)

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