Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic Opening Ceremony

Ignoring the obscene cost of the whole Olympics, something better dealt with in another article, the opening ceremony was superb.

Three things stood out however:

The Olympic Cauldron was amazing and certainly unique. A masterful design.

The seven young athletes who lit the Cauldron. That was an incredible gesture and totally blew away all the tabloid media crap that has been circulating for weeks.

But nothing will beat the reception given to Muhammad Ali. A true sporting legend and the reaction to his presence was incredible.

The downside? David Bloody Beckham - Yes, I know he was instrumental in getting the Olympics to London, and he is - was - a superb footballer. But he is not an Olympic athlete. Chris Hoy, Kelly Holmes, Steve Redgrave etc are. They are more deserving of the attention, something they do not actively seek.

And please, please, please stop wheeling out Paul McCartney. Bit ironic having a musician with drugs convictions at an event where the athletes pledge not use them.......

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