Sunday, 20 May 2012

Chemical Weapon Contamination

It's been revealed that there was a risk from chemical weapons buried at RAF Kinloss, specifically sulphur mustard based weapons. This comes after the ongoing issue with contamination at Dalgety Bay.

The sulphur chemical weapons were from World War 2. Chemical weapons such as mustard gas were never deployed during that war, as they were in 1914-18, but they certainly existed.

The Royal Engineers spent a considerable time training in the deployment of poison gas, although there were very few units, and they were more involved in bridge construction. The training took place in various locations in the UK, generally remote.

The MoD keeps telling us that there is "no risk" today. But that immediately raises concerns. How many times have government departments said that there was "no risk"? This is not an issue about road building delays, or propping up a bank. Contamination from chemical weapons can last decades, especially in concentration.

What is needed is a frank and open admission as to where else there is contamination, to what level and the potential danger to the public. This is not time for covering one's backside.

The contamination is not the fault of the present Government, nor is it the fault of anyone working at the MoD. So why is there this apparent reluctance to give out the full facts?

People would give credit for a bit of honesty for once. The contamination is there - deal with that problem rather than worrying if you are going to get into trouble.

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