Monday, 6 August 2012

What is the point in the Referendum?

I shoved a small comment on another blog the other night, and it got me thinking a bit. So might as well rattle up a quick article.

We have a Referendum in 2014 (just in case you have been locked in a cave for the past year or so). Scotland's voters have a chance to decide on their future. And about bloody time as well, if only to get the damn thing out of the way.

In the Blue Corner - the undisputed political champion, Alex Salmond.

In the Red Corner - the political equivalent of the Keystone Kops.

Looks like a straightforward contest.......

Tale of the tape (or whatever the hell they call it):

Currency (erm Sterling, controlled by the Bank of England)
Defence (in NATO, out of NATO, in NATO, out of NATO shake it all about)
Independent State in Europe (erm doing what unelected eurocrats tell us)
No Nukes on Scottish soil (after about 20 years)
100% renewables (100% bullshit more like)
Open Government (see renewables above)
Superhealthy Scots (ditto)
No more PFI (ours is soooo much better)

Status Quo (top band, leave them out of this)
Currency (erm Sterling, controlled by the Bank of England - more like uncontrolled)
Defence (2 aircraft carriers, fuck all aircraft)
Independent of Europe (erm, *sniff* smell shite)
Nukes on Scottish soil (if one explodes it might count as gentrification)
100% renewables (erm, you know the answer)
Open Government (erm, as above)
Supereducated kids (minimum Grade A******** guaranteed, just don't ask them 1 + 1)
No more PFI (we've called it something else)

All feeble attempts at humour I agree (only got 3 hours sleep last night), but at present, the choices aren't overly great.

Take your pick........

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  1. Just gagging for a Satchi & Satchi style poster...