Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dirty Politics

You couldn't make it up. But someone in the Lib Dems had a go anyway, with an effort a ten year old could have bettered.

Big Eck was shown with his arm around a camel (we assume one of the fairer sex), standing on the beach with Edinburgh Castle in the background. Three big phrases completed the picture, with allegations that Alex has a bad cold and suffering from cattarh.

Alas, it was a case of the Lib Dems leader, Willie Rennie, smearing Alex Salmond's visit to Qatar, and it has backfired in spectacular fashion. His excuse is that "a big boy did it and ran away". Maybe his Facebook account was hacked.

Meanwhile, the spat between the SNP and Mr Davidson (of the "gonnae gie you a doin'" fame), has the SNP shooting itself in the foot. Joan McAlpine's researcher apparently sent an email round which makes out that Davidson is of the "bunga bunga" party type. Turns out this was complete bollocks. The excuse from the researcher is that she's just a wee lassie.

What is it with political party activists who seem hell-bent on blowing their political careers - and their parties - out of the water?

The Lib Dems do not surprise anyway these days. If they didn't do something strange the men in white coats would be summoned. But the SNP researcher has been really stupid, making allegations that are serious. With her actions, she has completely reversed the attention on Davidson and make a mockery of Eilidh Whiteford's original complaint. What the SNP will do with her is their business, but I'd suggest that Joan McAlpine finds another researcher, ideally one that will not embarass her or the party.

While we expect politics to be interesting and full of heated debate, one or two individuals are getting close, if not stepping over, a big red line. It needs to stop now.

But don't hold your breath.......


  1. Ummm... yes it backfired really badly. Strange thing is that there were a couple of valid issues on the leaflet.

    Have you heard the latest about an SNP researcher tweeting about George Folkes and the deeply offended Labour MSP's?

  2. If this is another SNP researcher then everything is going backwards again. I've been surfing through various sites, and unsurprisingly there are a few people trying to justify the email regarding Davidson.

    Wonder what's next!!