Monday, 29 August 2011

Monday Morning Snippets

Welcome to Monday morning. I'm having a good time since I've got a day off work. Nothing like a relaxed breakfast without the stress. (Apart from trying to get a child ready for school!)

A interesting weekend. Usain shot his Bolt, so to speak, with a double false start. Arsenal managed to record the worst defeat in over one hundred years to their arch rival, Manchester United. And to top it all Lewis Hamilton decided to take the scenic route at the Belgian Grand Prix.

Irene gave New York a washout, Beyonce is pregnant and the Lockerbie Bomber has been found (no doubt East Renfrewshire Council will have some strong words).

But the best story has to be the two employees of GS4 who were sacked, for placing an electronic tag on a false leg.

The man apparently was able to break a curfew by leaving the aforementioned leg at home.

Perhaps Arsenal could sign him up as a striker.......

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